Next57 Coworking Ahmedabad

2nd Floor, Block N, S.G. Road, Safal Mondeal Retail Park, Bodakdev Near, Rajpath Rangoli Rd, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380056

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Next57 Coworking Ahmedabad Costing?

    Desks ?

  • Day pass

    ₹ 500/day
  • Week pass

    ₹ 2000/wk
  • 15 Day pass

    ₹ 4000/mo
  • Flexible desk

    ₹ 6500/mo
  • Dedicated desk

    ₹ 7500/mo
  • Monthly night pass

    ₹ 5500/mo
  • Shared cabin desk

    ₹ 8500/mo
  • Others ?

  • Virtual Office

    ₹ 2000/mo
  • Meeting room

    ₹ 400/hr
  • Conference room

    ₹ 500/hr
  • Private offices ?

  • 2 Seater

    ₹ 24,000/mo
  • 3 Seater

    ₹ 25,500/mo
  • 4 Seater

    ₹ 34,000/mo
  • 5 Seater

    ₹ 42,500/mo
  • 6 Seater

    ₹ 51,000/mo
  • 7 Seater

    ₹ 59,500/mo
  • 8 Seater

    ₹ 68,000/mo
  • Larger teams


Next57 offers office Space for rent and coworking space in Ahmedabad. Located at S.G. Highway in Ahmedabad, this plug and play office space features a green and ambient design that will inspire you. Situated in the heart of the city, it makes for an ideal space to balance work and play. Eateries like the chocolate room, little italy and cafes along S.G. Highway and Sindhu Bhawan Road are at a walkable distance. Get in touch today to schedule a visit.


What you get at Next57 Ahmedabad?

Super fast Internet

Event space


Meeting Rooms

Lounge Area

24*7 Access


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Novatel Hotel

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S.G. Highway


Frequently asked questions:

Why Next57 Coworking, Ahmedabad?

Next57 Coworking brings you a wide range of solutions that can meet diverse range of needs from networking, privacy and shared offices. We adopt a shared space model to leverage exonomies of scale to provide affordable office spaces to all kinds of businesses. You can choose the from our wide range of options, depending on the specific needs of your business. We offer a long-term economically viable solution for all your office space requirements.

What services are included in the price?

We charge an all inclusive pricet that includes-

  • Access to workspace
  • High speed internet
  • Security and housekeeping services
  • Hot and cold beverages
  • Administrative and housekeeping support

What if I want to change my plan?

You can change your plan according to your convenience if seats in that plan are available. At any point, should you choose to scale your workforce up or down, just let us know. We would be glad to provide an appropriate solution for your needs.

What kind of users generally work in a coworking space?

A cowoking space caters to a wide range of businesses from freelancers, MNC's, small teams, SME's or start-ups. You will generally find a mix of various industries and team sizes at our spaces.

Do you offer discounts?

We've built in discounts at each tier for teams. Visit our space to know if their are any ongoing promotions at our coworking space.

How can I schedule a tour of the space?

You can schedule a tour of the space by calling us on +91-9779898998 or by filling our form above. Our executives will contact you shortly after.

What are your working hours?

We offer or services from 9am-9pm. 24*7 coworking is also available in select plans.

Is there power backup available?

Yes. 24*7 power backup is provided at this center.


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